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Returns and changes

The Consumer Law does not contemplate any obligation to suppliers with respect to granting money back or making changes to products, except in the case of failures or situations in which the legal guarantee is applicable. < / span>

Purchases made through, may not exercise the right of withdrawal, pursuant to Art. 3 bis, letter b, law No. 19496. In other words, changes cannot be made due to compatibility problems or because the product is not to the customer's liking. does NOT have a guarantee of voluntary satisfaction.

The changes of products by legal guarantee will be made only with its original complete packaging and sealed, (box, bags, insulators, manuals, accessories, etc.) along with the purchase document (ticket or invoice) .

Returns or exchanges of products that present damage caused by any other cause, especially due to accidents, blows, misuse, unauthorized intervention or effects of nature, will not be accepted.

You must physically deliver the product along with the respective sales tax document (ticket or invoice) sending it to our commercial office through transport companies or courier, assuming the cost of freight. The latter also applies to customers. of regions.

The payment of the money will be made within a period of 10 working days from the receipt of the product. Said return will be via bank transfer according to the data stipulated in the sales document. In other words, the owner of said document. In the event that a product does not qualify for a return, it will be returned to the sender with prior notice via email and phone call explaining the causes.